Volunteer Application

Thank you for your expressed interest in volunteering with Reimagine Resale, benefitting Love146! We are excited to launch this new endeavor and recognize that daily volunteers, along with paid staff, are what will ensure the success of Reimagine Resale.

Below is an application we request our volunteers complete prior to service at Reimagine Resale. Listed below is the service description of the volunteer’s function at Reimagine Resale:

  • Assist staff in pick-up/drop-off of donations at the store during open store hours
  • Sort donations received, according to established criteria, to determine what can be sold  
  • Assist staff in pricing donations according to established criteria
  • Assist staff in moving inventory ready to sell to the sales floor
    Assist staff in cycling through inventory on the sales floor that has not sold

We ask that each volunteer be available to serve for a minimum of 2 hours. Volunteers will receive training on store processes and Values of Love146


Please complete the form below

Name *
Why are you interested in volunteering?
If you are under the age of 18, will you be able to volunteer at Reimagine with a parent/ guardian present with you.
Experience and Education
Please list any and all degrees and/or professional skills that you would like to contribute to Love146.
If so, with what organizations, and what kind of work did you do?
Does your current employer have:
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Your Interests at Love146
How did you learn about Love146
How long can you commit to volunteering?
Please check all that apply. Store Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10am-6pm
Date you can begin service
Date you can begin service